Time to get away?

Do you need of a break from the boredom of everyday life. Do you need more adventure than the safe modern day world is letting you have. Are you tired of the same parties, the same girls, the same conversations. You need a real holiday. Not one where you sit around a hotel mindlessly.

Why Australia?

You need to get to the East Coast of Australia. A country famous for wild beaches, wildlife, wild parties and wild sheilas. This is the place for real adventure. To break away from the safe confines of modern life. If you have no idea how to get the most out of your adventure in Australia then you need this guide.

Why Australia?

Normal travel guides will tell you about fancy hotels to waste your money, cute cafes to take photos of your breakfast or tourist traps to get ripped off and boxed in like a tin of sardines. This is the no bullshit travel guide for young men. We give you what you are looking for. What to know and where to go for sex adventure and the essentials... on a budget. It's all in The Lust Guide.