(Can't be) Arsed : Can't be bothered.

Aussie Salute : Wave your hand in front of your face to scare off flies.

Bag : Small amount of cocaine.

Banana Bender : Queenslander.

Barbie : Barbecue.

Barrack : Cheer for or support. Usually in reference to a sports team. Expect to be asked "who dya barrack for mate?". Especially common in Melbourne.

Blue : A fight. Alternatively a "punch on".

Bludge : To slack off or avoid hard work, often in creative ways. A national pastime. Can be used as a noun or verb. Bludger is used to describe people prone to bludging.

Bottleo : Bottle shop or off license.

Bogan : Person of low breeding. Expect to find many in Australia. Typically used to describe white people from the country who love V8s, commercial rock & casual racism.

Bonza : Really good eg. "Alice is a bonza town". Alternatively "grouse".

Budgie Smugglers : Speedos. An acceptable form of dress anywhere near a body of water.

Bugger Off : Go away.

Bum Bag : Fanny Pack.

(The) Bush : forests and wooded areas.

Caps : MDMA capsules. Typically 95 to 100% speed.

Capsicum : Bell pepper or pepper.

CBD : Central Business District or town centre.

Chockers : Full.

Choof : Smoke marijuana.

(Off your) Chops : Taken a lot of drugs.

Chunder : Vomit.

Click it : Get upset. This is primarily a Western Sydney term.

Cobber : Friendly personal pronoun.

Cockroach : Someone from New South Wales.

Cone : A bong hit. These are often punched or ripped rather than smoked eg. "wanna punch a few cones?", "lets rip a few cones".

Cooee : A long way away.

Cooked : Someone whose brain is in a state where it is barely usable. Usually implies short or long term heavy drug use.

Cozzie : Swimsuit. Also known as togs and sometimes bathers.

Crack it : Become very upset.

Crack a Fat : Get an erection.

Crikey : Exclamation of surprise. Made famous internationally by the Crocodile Hunter.

Croc : Crocodile. Keep a lookout for these from Rockhampton north.

Crook : Feeling unwell.

Cunt : Used in informal settings this is a common personal pronoun that has no negative connotations. Commonly combined with an adjective to mean someone who suits the descriptor to the extreme eg. "Sick Cunt", "Mad Cunt": An extremely pleasant individual. "Shit Cunt", "Dog Cunt": an extremely unpleasant individual. "Dumb Cunt": An extremely unintelligent individual etc. Be careful with this word in formal or semi-formal situations as some may not like the sound of it.

Cuppa : Cup of tea. Also means to take some time to sit down and chat.

Dag : Someone untidy and/or unfashionable.

Deadly : Excellent. Most often used by Aboriginals eg. "deadly, when I hear a dope melody".

Deadset : Absolutely or I agree.

Derro : Homeless person.

Devvo : Very upset.

Digger : Means a soldier but can also be a general (friendly) personal pronoun.

Dog : A traitor or deceitful person or behaviour eg. "you are a dog", "why'd you dog me for?". Also used as an adjective meaning the same eg. "a dog act" meaning a traitorous act. Possibly the ultimate insult to an Australian.

Dole : Unemployment benefit. Alternatives include, "Cenno", "the link", "jam roll", "Sausage roll" or "Rocknroll".

Doof : A large party or festival based around certain types of electronic music. Mainly psy trance and minimal techno. Often in the bush. These are a key part of Aussie youth culture.

Drongo : Someone dumb.

(The) Ducks Guts : Something really good.

Dunny : General term for toilet and more specifically an outhouse or bush toilet.

Eshays : A particular breed of disenfranchised youth. Generally marked by Air Max shoes, Nike Dri Fit baseball caps, Nautica t-shirts, short shorts & Adidas bum bags. Comparable to Chavs in England. Most commonly found in West and South West Sydney, the Central Coast and at Hardstyle music festivals. Handle with care.

Esky : A portable cooler or ice box.

Exy : Expensive.

Fair Dinkum : Genuine. True. Sometimes means particularly good. Sometimes used as an expression of surprise.

Feral : Wild, untamed, unkempt. Almost always has negative connotations.

Flat out : Busy. Australians will always claim to be flat out but never are.

Fuck Me Dead : What a surprise.

Galah : Stupid person.

Gatorade Saxophone : Homemade bong.

G'day : Greetings.

Goey : Speed (drug).

Goodonya : It means well done but is more often than not used sarcastically.

Goon : Cheap wine that comes in a box. Ambrosia.

Got Tickets on Yourself : You think you are pretty cool.

Grommet : A young and/or inexperienced surfer. Often shortened to grom.

Gronk : An idiot bogan with no social skills. Often one that is likeable in spite of themselves.

Growl Out : Eat pussy.

Grub : A scumbag (occasionally used as an adjective). Also food.

Hard Yakka : Hard work.

Hectic : Really good.

Heaps : A lot or very eg. "Heaps good" meaning very good or "Heaps of good things" meaning lots of good things.

Hoon : Someone that drives fast and or aggressively. You will find a lot of these in the country, all small towns and in Sydney.

Hooroo : Bye.

HSP : Short for Halal Snack Pack. Kebab meat layered on top of chips. A delicious & Koran approved way to get diabetes.

Ice : Pure methamphetamine or crystal meth. Very common in small town Australia.

Knacker : Something or someone useless.

Larrikin : A prankster or joker. Can also be used as an adjective. Generally viewed in a positive light and seen as true blue.

Legend : Calling someone a legend is high praise. Beware this term is frequently used sarcastically.

Longneck : A tall bottle of beer usually around 750ml. Also known as a tallie or a king brown.

Mate : Friend. Generally used as an all purpose personal pronoun for both sexes. Alternatives include cobber, knacker, wanker, digger and, for those you are particularly close to, dickhead or cunt.

Mad : Very good.

Map of Tassie : A vagina.

Mongrel : Fighting spirit or someone who possesses such spirit. Also used negatively for someone that has a bit too much fighting spirit.

Muzzas : A type of urban bogan generally found in Melbourne. They are easily identified by hotted up cars and huge amounts of hair gel. Often, but not exclusively, wogs.

Nash : Short for nationality. Common in Western Sydney.

Nang : NOs, nitrous oxide, laughing gas. Inhale it from a balloon or canister to kill some brain cells for little cost or benefit.

Nigel : Someone on their own. Short for Nigel no mates.

No Worries : All is well in the world. No harm done. Alternatives include "no dramas" & "no wukkas".

Oath : An exclamation meaning I strongly agree.

Ocker : Someone or something that is intensely and stereotypically Australian.

Ohmagod : Exclamation of surprise. Predominantly used by Wogs, Lebanese and Assyrian Australians.

Old Mate : Someone whose name you have forgotten. 

Pash : French Kiss.

Parro : Drunk to the point that you don't have full control of your body. Sometimes people say Paralytic. Common state for an Aussie.

Parma : Breaded fried chicken with cheese and marinara sauce on top.

Piece of Piss : Incredibly easy. Often used sarcastically.

Pie : Local delicacy consisting of meat not quite fit for human consumption wrapped in soggy pastry and heated to the surface temperature of the sun. A must try, with tomato sauce (50c extra) of course.

Piker : Someone who pulls out of a group social activity at a time considered too early. Also a verb "to pike".

Pissant : Someone of little consequence. Less common alternatives include "no mark", "donut" & "duck egg".

Pingas : Ecstasy tablets.

Pokie : Electronic gambling machines. The average Australian will run most of their paycheque through one as a way to spend the weekend.

Pot : A small glass of beer in Victoria.

Prawn : Woman with a great body and an ugly face.

Punching : Going out with someone much more attractive than you. Short for "punching above your weight". Alternatives include "batting above your average" & "doing a Merrin".

Punch on : A fistfight.

Pulling your Leg : Just kidding with you.

Rack : Cocaine

Rage : Big party. Also "rage on" meaning keep partying.

Rig :Body.

Ripper : Something really good. Alternatively "humdinger", "corker" or "peach".

Reckon : Thoughts on a situation. Most commonly used in "whadya reckon?" meaning "what are your thoughts on this matter".

Rollie : Roll your own cigarette. What most people smoke in Australia if they can afford tobacco at all.

Root : Sex. Noun and verb.

Rort : Rip off. Noun and verb.

Rug Muncher : Lesbian.

Saltie : Saltwater Crocodile.

Schooner : Small glass of beer in NSW.

Seedy : Hungover.

Seppo : American. Short for Septic Tank which rhymes with Yank.

Shame Job : Anything that brings someone shame. Mainly used by Aboriginals.

Sheila : Woman.

She’ll be right : Everything is going to work out OK. The basis of the Aussie worldview and moral code.

Sheepshagger : New Zealander.

Shocker : Someone or something really bad.

Show Pony : Someone who is keen to show off but who generally doesn't have much to back it up. Alternatives include "all mouth and no trousers".

Sick : Very good.

Sickie : A day off work when you are unwell or, more likely, pretending to be unwell. You can "take a sickie" but more commonly you would "chuck a sickie".

Slab : 24 tins of beer.

Smoke Bomb : Exit a venue without saying your goodbyes.

Smoko : A designated short break from work commonly to smoke a cigarette but also just to talk.

Sook : Get upset over something small. Noun and verb. Also a person who is currently doing this or frequently does this.

Spew/Spewin : Spew is to vomit. Spewin means vomiting but more commonly it means being really angry.

Spruik : Sell in public. Usually in an over the top way.

Stingers : Jellyfish. Plenty of these in the ocean, particularly in Northern Queensland. There are several types of deadly jellyfish here. Often it is best to stay out of the water during stinger season (November to May). Try to swim with a stinger suit, which is a thin wetsuit designed to prevent stings. Some beaches have stinger nets, large nets set up to keep parts of the ocean free from jellyfish.

Straya : Short for Australia. True Blue Aussies will fit this word into 1 syllable.

Strewth : Means either I can't believe it or you better bloody believe it.

Surfies : Textbook Australian surfers. Typically have long hair, drive VW Transporters & communicate mainly in high pitched "yews".

Sus : Suspicious or unreliable.

Ta : Thank you.

The Sticks : The middle of nowhere.

Thongs : Flip flops.

Tightarse Tuesday : Often there are discounts for things like movies & food on Tuesdays. Also referred to as "Cheap Tuesday" and, less sensitively, as "Jewish Tuesday".

Tinny : A beer or a small boat. Aussies sink beers and hopefully not boats.

Tits on a Bull : Useless.

Toey : Horny.

Tradie : Someone that works in a construction or physical labour job.

Troppo : Mad.

True Blue : The real thing. A true Aussie.

Tucker : Food.

Turps : Alcohol. Also short for turpentine if you drink that. Commonly used in the phrase "on the turps" meaning going out drinking.

Unaustralian : Something that brings great shame. This is a high level insult. Commonly said by bogans. To sound authentic, try to fit it in 2 or 3 syllables.

Up the Bum no Babies : A toast before drinking.

Ute : A pick up truck with a cargo tray.

U'y : A U-turn. You can "do a U'y" but you would more commonly "chuck a U'y".

Walkabout : Gone missing. Also refers to an Aboriginal rite of passage that involves wandering the desert for an unspecified amount of time.

Wallahi : I swear to god. Commonly used by Lebanese and other Middle Eastern Australians.

Whiteant : Someone that undermines something from the inside.

White pointers : Topless sunbathers.

Whoop Whoop : The middle of nowhere.

Wobbly : A tantrum. Most commonly you would "chuck a wobbly".

Wog : Australian of Mediterranean background. 

Yeah Right : I agree with you or that is interesting.

Yew : Exclamation of delight. Yewin(g) can be used as an adjective.

Yob/Yobbo : Someone of poor education, dressing, social standing or some combination of these.

Youse : Plural of you.