St Kilda and Bay Beaches


Melbourne's beaches are underrated. St Kilda is the most popular and accessible of them. There is a real Lost Boys feel about St Kilda with its faded deco buildings, towering palm trees & weatherbeaten rollercoaster. Cool place with good nightlife.


St Kilda has a mix of the wealthy girls that live around here and the many travellers and out of towners who are here in the summer. The vibe here is amazing all year round but much quieter when the weather is bad. The beach itself and Catani Gardens, the park next to it, are the best places to meet girls in the summer. The main streets around the beach from Fitzroy St to Acland St ... ... ...

St Kilda Beach

Not the most beautiful beach but there is a cool vibe here in the summer. If you want a better place to swim you can head north-west to Middle Beach or south to Elwood Beach.

Prince Bandroom

Lots of bands play here and there is a nice pub downstairs.

29th Apartment

Small bar, can be busy during the week when other venues are quiet.

The Saint

Very young crowd here with beautiful girls. Loud bar that mainly plays commercial house. You need to get in early because it is small and busy. You will have to pay entry, up to $10.


Really cool place similar to the Saint Hotel across the road but the crowd is hit and miss. You never know if it will be heaving or empty.

Hotel Barkly

Glamorous St Kilda nightspot that draws in local celebrity types and lots of pretty girls. One of those places that is really hard to get into. It is full of gorgeous women and surprisingly friendly. Drinks are expensive.

The Espy

Melbourne's greatest live music venue. It has been closed for a while but is reopening in late 2018. Great place to see a band or two or just have a beer while the sun goes down.

The Vineyard

Great venue that pulls an older crowd. Small venue. It can be hard to get into but its a great bar and it is very social here.

St Kilda Pier

Long pier good for a walk and decent fishing. There is a little penguin colony at the end of the pier where you may be able to see the penguins returning about 30 minutes after sunset.

Luna Park

Tiny theme park with a great rollercoaster and a few other fun rides.

Esplanade Market

Lively market held every Sunday along the Esplanade. Pricey stuff aimed mostly at tourists but you might find something good.

Elwood Beach

A nice walk or cycle south from St Kilda Marina to Elwood Beach or all the way around to Brighton. You can also head North West from Catani Gardens to Middle Park Beach and Port Melbourne.

Kite Surfing Middle Park Beach

One of the best places in the country for kitesurfing. It is always windy here. If you need lessons or gear hire try Kite Republic they have a trailer on Beaconsfield Prd most days.

Lentil As Anything

Another great location for pay what you feel vegetarian curries.

Aussie and French Bakehouse

Legendary 24 hour bakery with lots of cheap food and big smiles behind the counter.

Bay City Burrito

Great Mexican place with lunch specials.

Stefans Shack

Delicious burgers at great prices. Burgers start at $6 and they have beers here too.

Monarch Cakes

The best of a few coffee and cake places along the road here. Not cheap but not outrageously expensive. The polish cheesecake is amazing.

The Banff

$7 pizzas til 5:30pm. Jugs of beer are $11 and they have reasonably priced pasta and salads.

West Beach Bathers Pavilion

Have a beer or a coffee right on the beach. Beautiful spot.

Rolls Sushi

Great sushi as well as Japanese curries and delicious green tea ice cream.

Glicks Bagels

Famous for bagels. They also have dips and hearty Israeli meals. All the food is good but the bagels are the best in the country.

Alma Rd

Lots of overnight parking and Public Toilets in front of Alma Park West.

Habitat HQ

Nice clean place with great common areas and BBQs as well as a bar on site. It is a little bit out of the way.

Ritz Backpackers

A bit grubby but there is a good crowd here. Mainly British & Irish. Free breakfast.

Base St Kilda

Flash modern backpackers that is always pumping. Party crowd here many of whom are at the bar downstairs every night.

Summer House Melbourne

Simple backpackers attached to Hotel Barkly.

Barkly Backpackers

On the expensive side but very comfortable and sociable.

Pint on Punt

Decent backpackers attached to the pub here. Cheap and quiet.