South Yarra and Richmond


South Yarra is where Melbourne's richest congregate. It can be less friendly than other parts of town. Richmond is a metropolitan suburb that is a real melting pot. There are a lot of students and some backpackers in this part of town.


Chapel St draws people from all over town for its nightlife. During the day it is busy between St Kilda Rd and the Jam Factory, especially around High St. May not be worthwhile during the week but weekends are good. Tuesday nights there are specials at The Collection. Try Hoo Haa on Wednesday night. Bridie O Reilly has a good Sunday session as does The Bridge Hotel. Friday and Satu ... ... ...


Like vegemite this a hate it or love it sort of place. It is open 24 hours at weekends and busy most of that time. Crowd here is cool though it can be a bit much if you aren't ready for it. It is the place to go late at night and a great place to party and socialise. Its a bit grimy, drug fuelled and not for everyone.

Good Things Bar

Decent bar. Every weekend they host Supersmall Club which is fun and draws a young attractive crowd.

Bridie O Reillys

Big Irish pub, busy on the weekend.

Electric Ladyland

A bit pretentious but there is usually a good crowd here. Usually slightly older. Lots of girls and you can have a conversation over the music without losing your voice.


Young crowd that streams in late at night. Don't go too early. They have a dress code here and sometimes a long line which is not really worth waiting for. If you can get in late it is good.

Windsor Castle

Cool bar with a friendly crowd and a great beer garden. Closes early but is a good place to start the night off.

Mothers Milk

Nice lounge bar with great music and a cool (small) crowd.

The Social

Older crowd here but lots of fun.

Hoo Haa

There is often a big line here but it is worth it to get into this place. Very social and has a great dance floor and smoking section.

College Lawn

This bar has an older crowd. Busy on Sunday. Doesn't stay open late but it is a great place for a beer.

Corner Hotel

Great bar that always has big gigs. Check the gig guide ( Nice place for a beer when there is nothing on.

Precinct Hotel

Big busy bar that fills up on the weekends. Especially popular on Friday night when they have after work specials. Good vibe. It's a bit of an older crowd. Lots of different spaces in here.

The Bridge Hotel

Big pub with lots of little areas to wander through. Busy on the weekends and has plenty of drink specials. Music is standard club fare but the crowd here is cool.

The Collection

Nice place to have a drink out on the street and watch the crowd go by.

Prahran Market

Open most days. Lots of great food here but everything is pretty pricey. Cheaper on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The Astor

Old fashioned movie theatre that plays double features of new and old movies. $14 tickets Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, otherwise $17.50.

Mountain Goat Brewery

Open Wednesday night and Sunday Afternoon. Free brewery tours and a great bar.

Lucky Coq

$4 pizzas and pretty cheap beer. Good crowd here, unpretentious and pretty friendly. Great place to hang out with your friends.

Saint Lucia

Trendy place but the Jerk Chicken is really good. Wash it down with a Red Stripe.

Boston Sub

Delicious sandwiches and Poutine at reasonable prices. Behind the freezer door there is a hidden bar.

Thanh Phong

Great pho and other Vietnamese classics here.

Ha Long Bay Restaurant

Another of the many Vietnamese restaurants along Victoria Rd. This is one of the best.

Phuoc Thanh

The best Bahn Mi in town. $5 or $6 for a roll.

Landing Pads

Place for longer term stays they can set you up in a share house and help you find work as well.

Back of Chapel Backpackers

Nice place with friendly staff and good prices. Good social vibe here. BBQs and free breakfast.

Lords Lodge

Quiet spot with parking. Friendly hostel with BBQ, games and free sangria.

Hotel Claremont Guesthouse

Really nice place and good location. On the pricey side.