Melbourne is a great city. One of the best places in Australia to stay long term. It tends to be busy in the summer and quieter at other times because the weather is so bad. The city is easy to get around without a car and the nightlife is amazing. Girls here are beautiful and friendly. There is so much going on. Plenty to keep you interested every night of the week. Melbourne is definitely the ..


Melbourne is a great city to get around on foot. Lots of trams and trains link up every part of the city. Trams are free within the CBD. The combined ticketing system Myki is easy to use and not overly expensive. If you are staying for a few days it is worth picking up a card for $6 at a shop or station. Melbourne's public transport is famous for it's over the top ticket inspectors known as ... .


Melbourne has 2 main airports. Melbourne International has flights coming in from all over the world and is closer to Melbourne CBD. Avalon is closer to Geelong and is used by budget airlines for domestic and a few international flights. At Melbourne Airport you can get a 901 bus outside Terminal 4 which connects to Broadmeadows Train Station. There are shuttle services including t ... ... ...