Glenelg and Western Adelaide


Not usually thought of as a beach city, Adelaide actually has some of the best calm water beaches in the country. Glenelg is the heart of the nightlife and the busiest beach. Some of the other beaches draw a crowd, especially on hot summer days. Really good vibe out in this part of the city and you will feel like you are a long way from the rest of the world. Port Adelaide is an interesting par ..


This is the place to be in summer. Around sunset, people move from the beach to nearby bars. Glenelg beach draws the most girls. Nearby Henley and even West Beach are also good places for bikini fans. Glenelg is a famous party spot on Sunday nights. The other beaches have some nice bars and a few good places to party. Monday is busy at the Pier Bar. Friday night is good around He ... ... ...


Just south of Glenelg is this family friendly beach. Has a very relaxed vibe and is not as busy as Glenelg.


By far the most popular beach. It's the place to see and be seen. Beautiful sunsets here and a long jetty good for fishing or diving off. Jetty Road has cafes and ice cream shops.

West Beach

Good beach to walk along or go for a swim without the crowds seen at other places. Lots of BBQs and parking space here.

Henley Beach

Adelaide's nicest beach on a scorching summer day. Long stretch of beach, nice shops and great swimming. Lots of girls here on busy days.

Semaphore Beach

Feels a bit wild here as the beach stretches on forever and it is so quiet. Come down at night or on a slow day and you will just about have the beach to yourself.

The Grand Bar

The place to party in Adelaide in the summer. A huge bar right next to the beach. Teeming with talent in the summer. It is an icon of Adelaide nightlife. Busy on Sunday nights. Get there early in the summer. Can be aggressive.

The Moseley

Directly opposite the Grand. Attracts a lot of high quality talent on the weekend. Drinks are expensive. Smaller and a bit less relaxed than the Grand.

The Jetty Bar

Pretty standard pub. It can get very busy on the weekend during summer. Small crowd but you won't have to line up to get in.

Pier Bar

It is like the Grand in miniature. Busy on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Monday nights are uni nights and can pull in a crowd with cheap drinks.

Sunset Bar

Good place for a quiet drink to watch the sunset. Pricier than most bars but really nice if you can get a good spot.

Ramsgate Hotel

Great party spot on Friday nights. Filled with uni students. Sunday nights are good in the summer. Can be a lot of fights here.


Across the road from the Ramsgate. Sandbar can be just as much fun in the summer. More of a standard R&B nightclub feel than the Ramsgate. A lot of people kick on here after the Ramsgate starts to get quiet. Open Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

The Palais

Beautiful old pub that goes off on the weekends. Quiet in the winter. They have DJS on Friday and Saturday night and live bands on Sunday. Good happy hour and drinks specials.

The Gov

Live music venue where a lot of big bands play. Check their website for upcoming gigs ( Good bar if you are in the area.

Fishermens Wharf Market

Interesting markets open Sundays. Great massage from the old bloke here for about $30.

Crystal Quarry

This is a fenced off quarry. It's in the seaside suburb of Marion. You should be able to access the Quarry if you park in Jervois Terrace though there are several different access points. Beautiful spot with light blue water though no one is sure about the quality of the water. Don't take a big gulp of it. Plenty of spots to jump in around the side of the quarry. Be careful because there are so ..


Ropes and obstacle course to get the adrenaline pumping if you are finding Adelaide boring. Try the megajump to really face your fears.

Sarahs Sisters Sustainable Cafe

Great spot for coffee and amazing vege food here. Can be pricey.

Barrys Burgers

Great burgers. Try the sweet potato chips.

Folklore Cafe

Really nice spot by the river. Friendly staff and some of the best coffee in town.

Orange Spot Bakery

Some of the best pies in the country.

Semaphore South

The carpark near Paxton St public toilets is a great place to stay. Beach showers, a nice stretch of beach and toilets. It is a 10 minute walk to the Semaphore shops and Palais bar. You can catch a bus from the shops into town.

Glenelg Beach Hostel

Pretty quiet comfortable hostel close to bars and to the beach. Not the most sociable place but great location.

Port Adelaide Backpackers

The only hostel in the area. Good if you need to be in Adelaide but don't want to be around the city. Weird crowd and a weird setup for checking in but a nice enough place.