Sydney is a beautiful and exciting city. It is full of tourists and the majority of visitors to Australia will land in Sydney. It has iconic tourist spots. Most notably the harbour which is breathtaking. The weather is great all year round. This makes Sydney a great city to be outdoors at the many beaches and parks. It is also incredibly expensive here even by Australian standards. Nightlife i ..


Sydney has a strictly enforced lockout law that affects most venues in the CBD. After 1:30am you are not allowed to enter a bar. Make sure that you are somewhere you want to be by about 12:45am. After 3am bars stop serving alcohol. Some will stay open after 3am serving water and soft drinks. For the most part Sydney is a city that gets to bed on time so you need to plan your night if you want t ..


Probably the most beautiful girls in the country are here. Scattered through the beaches, nightclubs, streets & suburbs. Sydney is an ethnic melting pot and has an incredible number of tourists from all over the world. You will find whatever you might be looking for here if you know where to look. The streets are busy but the general vibe is not very friendly. It can be difficult to meet girls ..


Sydney has a ticketing system called Opal. Since Sydney is so spread out and not a great city for walking or driving you will probably need to get a card. Fares start at around $3.20 and the pricing system is confusing and expensive. There is a daily spending cap of $16 ($3 on Sunday) and a weekly cap of $63. There are very good bus, train and ferry networks although they don't link up well. ... .


Sydney Airport is big and busy with flights coming in from all over the world. For most tourists it is their entry point to Australia. The airport closes overnight and security guards may chase you out if you try to stay here overnight. To get out of the airport the best option is to take the 400 bus towards Bondi Beach. The bus will take you to Mascot Station where you can get an ... ... ...