Byron Hinterland

Dalwood Falls

Find a park by the concrete barricades that say no entry about 1 min from the turn off Wardell Rd. It is a short walk from the road to this swimming hole where you can jump in from the surrounding cliffs or swing in on the rope swings. There is sometimes a slackline across the water. It can be a little dangerous jumping in here so if you want you can just go for a swim under the waterfall and r ..

Marom Falls

After you drive north through Rous Hill Dalwood Rd hooks a hard left after the junction with Ellis Rd. Park 1 min along the road before it turns right. Follow the track through a paddock here for about 15 mins along the river. There is no clear signposting so it can be hard to find. This is a bit of a locals spot. It's a great place for a swim and people are usually very friendly. That is if yo ..

Killen Falls

A short bushwalk down to a small waterfall and swimming hole. Very quiet here and you can walk behind the waterfall as it flows into the pool below.

Jerusalem National Park

This National Park isn't as developed as the neighbouring parks. It has a large variety of rare and endangered plants. Lots of tree-dwelling animals that call this place home.

Hell Hole Falls

Follow the fire trail (Middle Ridge Trail) from the end of the road. Take the first left off the fire trail. After carefully crossing the bridge over the first creek you pass. Take the path on your right. Follow this path and you will find a series of deep rock pools linked by small waterfalls. Great place for a swim or picnic. The water here is supposedly good for your hair.

Unicorn Falls and Waterhole

When you get to the first bridge on South Chowan Rd park here. Quiet waterfall and swimming hole in a beautiful rainforest setting. You can clamber down the left side of the falls to a creek with lots of swimming holes.

Mt Warning Track

Incredible 5 hour return climb with a difficult rock scramble to stunning views at the top. A lot of people walk this track but the mountaintop is a sacred aboriginal site.

Minyon Falls

About an hour walk and a quick rock scramble to this beautiful waterfall and deep swimming hole. You can swim under the 100m falls for a powerful natural shower. Very busy spot but there are some quieter swimming holes down the river. Toilets and BBQs at the top and some good campsites around.

Rocky Creek Dam

Lots of room here for BBQs and just chilling out. You could easily overnight here. The Platypus walk is highly recommended. It takes about 45 minutes through the beautiful rainforest. You have a chance to see platypus at dawn and dusk.

Whian Whian Falls

You will find the carpark after you cross Rocky Creek heading North. Follow the walking track along the fence to this popular spot. Beautiful place to swim or sunbathe on the rocks.

Yaman Mullumbimby

Really nice Yemeni food at a decent price.

Macas Camping Ground

Murwillumbah YHA Backpackers

Clean friendly hostel with a huge verandah to chill out and take in the view. If you are lucky you will get free ice cream.