Moreton Bay Island


Moreton Island is a beautiful, accessible and isolated island just an hour or so from Brisbane. Great spot for camping. If you are very experienced with a 4wd there is a lot to see. If not you don't have to go far to enjoy yourself here. There are shops here but if you don't have transport you should take everything with you.

Moreton Island Adventures

Ferries leave from Brisbane Port off Howard Smith Dr in Lytton. $28 per passenger. Book on their website (

Tangalooma Wrecks

A group of boats that were sunk just off the beach. Now a great place for snorkelling. Lots of fish as well as turtles and dolphins.


At sunset every night dolphins swim to the resort down the beach from the Wrecks for a feeding. You can go and watch the dolphins getting fed. If you are camping you can jump in the water near the Wrecks around sunset as the playful dolphins make their way over to the resort. You can swim with the dolphins every night.

Sand Tobogganing

;If you have a 4wd or want to book a tour there are several places on the island to go Sand tobogganing. Little Sandhills, Big Sandhills and The Desert are the main spots. The resort has tours going out to some of these places.

The Wrecks Campground

This is a beautiful quiet, shady camping spot right on the beach. It is right where the ferry drops you off. Perfect location. There are various other campgrounds around the island.