Rainbow Beach

Cooloola National Park

The section of the Great Sandy National Park between Rainbow Beach and the Noosa river. The park includes two great multi day hikes, Cooloola Great Walk and the Cooloola Wilderness Trail. There is great camping at Freshwater and Teewah Campgrounds. The spot is ideal for 4wd but some sites are accessible by 2wd.

Poona Lake

Walk about 45 minutes to this beautiful freshwater lake with a white sandy beach. The water is brown from leaf residue but very clean.

Searys Creek

Short walk from the road is this series of refreshing swimming holes.

Double Island Point

A beautiful unspoilt coastal headland. Difficult to get to if you don’t have a 4wd. You can park at Freshwater camping area and walk about 2 hours to this spot. If you can drive down here you can camp right behind the dunes. The surf here is incredible. The beach is beautiful and is usually empty. Good spot for snorkelling and fishing.

Carlo Sand Blow

Beautiful spot with huge sand dunes. Great for sunrise and sunset.

Coloured Sands

You can walk here from the surf club along the beach in less than an hour. The walk is easier at low tide. The cliffs here are various colours of sand, more striking after rains. Nice spot at sunset in particular.

Wolf Rock Dive Centre

A dive centre where you can dive Wolf Rock. Wolf Rock is one of the best dive sites in the country. Lots of Sharks here as well as Turtles and Rays.

Frasers On Rainbow Resort

Big hostel with a bar and pool. They can help organise tours etc.

Pippies Beach House

Nice hostel with a pool and BBQs.

Inskip Point

There are a few camping grounds right on the beach along Inskip Ave. Right at the end of Inskip Point. They cost around $6 per night.