Fraser Island


Before arriving on Fraser Island you need to get a vehicle access permit which will cost $51.60. Book online ( Camping should be booked in advance during peak periods. Fraser Island is only suitable for 4WD. High clearance is useful and necessary for some spots. Petrol is av ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

75 Mile Beach

When you get off the ferry you will drive onto the Fraser Island Beach Track which will take you along 75 Mile Beach. Beautiful drive. Keep an eye out for whales in season. Don’t swim here as there are strong currents and lots of sharks.

Lake Birrabeen

When you get to Eurong you can turn off along Eurong Rd and then Birrabeen Rd. Pretty tough drive for those who aren’t used to 4wd tracks. You will reach this beautiful clear water lake with white sand surrounded by forest. Quiet spot. There are a few lakes around. Some camping here as well.

Lake McKenzie

Tough drive up to this beautiful freshwater lake. The water is extremely clear. Similar to Lake Birrabeen but Lake McKenzie is larger and more popular.

Lake Wabby

It is a short walk to this beautiful Green Lake surrounded by sand and forest.

Eli Creek

This is a freshwater creek flows gently out to the sea. Walk up to the start of the river and float all the way back to the beach. This is a must and a really beautiful experience.

Maheno Wreck

A famous wreck along the beach here.

Wungul Sand Blow

An enormous sand dune to climb and slide down. Just next to the excellent Dundubara Campground.

Indian Head

Best viewpoint on the island at the far northern side of 75 Mile Beach. It is the starting point for the walk to Champagne Pools.

Champagne Pools

Beautiful ocean pool where the surf crashes onto the rock wall surrounding the pool. This makes the water bubble up like a spa pool. Walk from Indian Head.