Brisbane doesn't draw in huge numbers of tourists but it is a friendly city with plenty to do. It is an underrated place worth spending a longer time in. The vibe is relaxed compared to Sydney and Melbourne. People are friendly though it is a bit bogan. The weather is seemingly always good. There are occasionally tropical storms but otherwise it is sunny all the time. Get used to waking up ear ..


Brisbane has a great public transport system with trains, buses and ferries linked by the GoCard ticketing systems. GoCards cost $10 and you can get your money back by returning the card when you are done with it. This is a very complicated process for some reason. Fares cost about $3.20 around town and this includes the ferry. The GoCard system can be used from Gold Coast to Noosa ... ... ...


Brisbane Airport is a major International and Domestic hub. Flights to and from Brisbane come from around Asia and the Pacific but also Dubai and Canada. The Airport is on a train line but it costs $18.50 to use. It should take less than 30 mins to get to Brisbane CBD. Shuttle services cost around $20. If you ride the free T-bus to Skygate you can get bus 590 to Toombul S ... ... ... ... ...