Royal National Park

Little and Big Marley

Nice beaches. Only accessible by walking along the coastal walk past Wedding Cake Rock. Most of the time you will have these beaches to yourself. You can camp here but you will have to walk all your gear in with you.

Wattamolla Lagoon and Beach

Incredibly beautiful spot which is incredibly busy. Especially on weekends in the summer. Parking can be difficult but it is also accessible via the Otford Bundeena Coastal Walk. You can jump off the cliffs into the lagoon, swim in the lagoon and at the beach.

Garie Beach

Nice surf beach where you can drive in. Patrolled on the weekends. There is a shop here. You can walk along the coast for about half an hour to Little Garie Beach, a beautiful and more secluded spot.

Burning Palms Beach

It is a 30 minute walk from the carpark to the beach. Amazing beach to surf or sunbathe. Not the safest as there are strong rips. Much quieter than other beaches along this part of the trail.

Werrong Beach

A 60 min walk from Otford Carpark on Lady Wakehurst Dr is this nice nudist beach

Audley Boatshed

Historic boatshed where you can hire row boats, paddleboards and kayaks. From here you can paddle upriver. The river forks right up Kangaroo Creek where you can see sandstone cliffs, turtles and birdlife in an easy 1hr paddle.

Lower Kangaroo Creek and Olympic Pool

This walk starts across the bridge from the Audley Cafe. Follow the track called Robertson’s Roundabout. Follow the signs for Kangaroo Creek until you reach the Olympic swimming hole at the end.

Winifred Falls Trail

Easy walk to a small waterfall with crystal clear waters to swim in.

South West Arm Pool

Continue walking from Winifred Falls to the left of the lookout for the falls. Follow the path down to the river and walk alongside it. The path is a little unclear here until you reach a clearing where you can see the South West Arm Pool. Beautiful green water and cliffs on either side to jump off. There is a rope swing.

Karloo Pools

A short walk along the Karloo Pools Track from Heathcote. Great swimming hole surrounded by trees and rocks to lie on. The track starts near the Heathcote Station so this is a great spot to get to from Sydney without needing to drive. Beautiful and accessible, it is also very busy.

Wedding Cake Rock

Start this walk in the carpark on Beachcomber Rd in Bundeena. Beautiful unique rock structure great for photos. Views all along the walk including the "Balcony" which is a rock formation that steps down in levels. You can climb down these rocks.

Curracurrang Falls

You can start this track at the Wattamolla car park. Head south from the carpark along the Coastal trail for about 2km. When you come to Curracurrang Gully Creek, the first creek on the path, you will see a National Parks sign with Curracurrang written on it. From here follow the track to the right of this creek (on the north side). 5 mins up this path is a nice waterfall and swimming hole. Ten ..

Eagle Head Rock

You can approach this spot from the Wattamolla Carpark. From the car park head south on the coastal track. Another famous rock structure that makes for a beautiful view and good pics along the cliffs here.

Figure Eight Pools

Easiest Access is from the car park at the end of Garawarra Farm Rd. You will follow this track past Burning Palms Beach for a few minutes and you will find these beautiful swimming holes in the shape of a figure 8. This place is very popular. Check the tide so you can get here at low tide.

Bundeena to Otford Coastal Track

A two day walk along the coast. It will take you along many of the well known sites in the National Park. Wedding Cake Rock, Figure 8 Pools, Eagle Head Rock, Curracurrang Falls and the Coastal Beaches. The walk can be started from Bundeena or the Otford carpark. Camping on the track is available at North Era campground or try a beach along the way.

National Falls

From the carpark, there is a lookout to the upper cascades. Follow the staircase down to National Falls. You can't swim here but you can shower in the falls.

Kellys Falls

The walk starts from the car park splitting into two paths. The straight path takes you to some viewing platforms. The path on the right is for the bottom of the falls. When the track forks follow it to the left where you should find a rope ladder to climb down to the falls. This ladder is taken sometimes. This is a tough climb for many. If you get to the bottom the path will lead you to the fa ..

Sri Venkateswara Temple

Big Hindu Temple and a very good spot for lunch on the weekends.

Uloola Falls Camping Ground

Get to this campground by walking along the Karloo Falls Track.

Bonnie Vale Camping Ground

Big accessible campsite with great facilities.

North Era Beach

Continue walking down the coastal track for another half an hour or so to North Era surf beach. Beautiful spot where you can camp right on the beach, with a permit.