Beecroft Peninsula


Turn off the Highway at Forest Rd to get to the Beecroft Peninsula. One of the best tourist spots on the South Coast. You will pass through Currarong which is a standard coastal town though a very pretty one. There is a good Caravan Park here.

Target Beach

Follow the short track to get to this tucked away surf beach. Truly beautiful and when conditions are right the perfect place to surf barrels. You can take a tent down here as well.

Long Beach Track

Beautiful Beach that is easy to get to. Also try nearby Cabbage Tree Point.

Mermaid Inlet

Start the walk by heading over the bridge over Abrahams Bosom Creek. Follow the path until you come to a signboard with routes marked. Take the second path on your right after the information board. Stop at Lobster Beach or one of the other great beaches along the way for a swim. Getting to Mermaids Inlet should take 90 mins or so.

Gosangs Tunnel

A short detour along the Mermaids Inlet path that will take you to the left. You can crawl through the tunnel to the other side where you will be rewarded with a spectacular view.

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

Really nice lighthouse set on impressive cliffs. Good for a photo opportunity. Beautiful spot for advanced climbers.


Freedom camping is generally straightforward around here. Be aware that there is a weapons range on the peninsula. There may be closures of certain roads and beaches when the range is active.

Honeymoon Bay

Camping ground at this incredible beach. Can be busy.